The Bose Panaray System in the Cadillac CT6 includes several proprietary Bose technologies that have never been combined before.



Bose automotive engineers leveraged everything we learned developing sound systems for world-class stage musicians, concert halls and home cinema technology to deliver an unmatched audio experience. Bose Panaray creates a soundscape unbounded by limits. Each instrument and vocal comes from a distinct location, with astonishing accuracy, clarity, spaciousness and range.

Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, you’ll feel like you’re at the centre of a live performance while travelling in Cadillac luxury.

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Anyone can place a speaker in a door and sing its praises. With the Bose Panaray system, we analysed every possible location in the vehicle and every material in the interior to craft an advanced sound system that pushes the boundaries of what we thought possible. We infused techniques and proprietary technologies from Bose home and professional products. We spent years researching, testing, listening and then listening again to create something truly special.

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Articulated Array Speakers

This technology was first developed for our portable Bose L1 system, used by musicians in live venues. Inside the loudspeaker, precise aiming of the speakers allow for outstanding clarity and broad coverage.

Bose Professional Panaray 502A loudspeaker – it influenced the system design AND the name because they evenly and accurately distribute sound both horizontally and vertically to the audience.

Precisely angled dual-tweeter drivers—located in the A-pillar and upper rear doors—distribute sound at a much wider angle to create the most intimate listening experience possible. So no matter where you’re seated, the music always feels as if it is being performed right in front of you.

Articulated array speakers are built in to the A-pillars of the Cadillac CT6.

Line Array Speakers

Line arrays use multiple speakers in arenas to direct the sound and make sure it is evenly distributed for all seats in the venue and to minimise reflections from the walls. These tried-and-true techniques for sound reproduction are used at some of the finest venues in the world.

Bose automotive engineers have transferred this technology to Bose Panaray, housing a retractable array in the instrument panel and another in the rear centre console. Music is projected in a wide pattern, enveloping every listener in a beautifully nuanced soundscape, while unwanted acoustic reflections are minimised.

Line arrays in the front and rear of the CT6 interior (diagram 1), including an innovative pop-up console in the instrument panel (diagram 2), give everyone in the vehicle the experience of hearing sound faithfully reproduced from the right location at the right time.

The inspiration for the line array speakers came from our work creating precise and enveloping sound for arenas and home cinema systems (diagrams 3 & 4).

PowerProfile Low Frequency Enclosures

Our solution to generating powerful bass while reducing mechanical vibration comes from technology engineered for our home cinema systems. Multiple bass speakers are placed in opposing directions within the back of the Bose VideoWave entertainment system, which reduces vibration without sacrificing the deep rumble of a movie explosion or the bass in a music video.

This cut-out of the back of a Bose VideoWave entertainment system shows how the bass speakers are placed in opposing directions.

Bose Panaray utilises opposing back-to-back mounted 70 mm high-excursion speakers. Custom designed to fit in the vehicle floor, they deliver high output with low mechanical vibration. Your music plays louder and cleaner than conventional bass enclosures, with greater impact and feeling.

At half the height of conventional bass enclosures, PowerProfile Low Frequency Enclosures easily fit under driver and passenger footwells, yet deliver big bass without taking up precious boot space or rattling parts of the car at high volume.



UltraNearfield Headrest Speakers and TrueSpace Signal Processing

Placing speakers in a headrest, so close to a listener’s ears, decreases the expansiveness of the sound image. Bose engineers took on this challenge, combining technologies to create a wider soundscape.

Typical headrest speakers spread sound close to your ears in a way that is heard close behind you and can be distracting. Bose UltraNearfield headrest speakers use TrueSpace 2 signal processing to direct sound so it appears to come from a place further away. This creates a spacious aural experience so natural you’ll forget they are there.

Headrest speakers in the CT6 are specially engineered to seamlessly—and beautifully—integrate into the overall design of the interior.

Bose Centerpoint 3 Signal Processing

We leveraged proprietary Bose algorithms and advanced psychoacoustic models to better match how humans perceive sound. Centerpoint 3 converts two-channel stereo music to multiple channels, then precisely directs each channel to 34 speakers in the CT6 interior. Vocals and instruments are steered to the front soundstage, while room ambience is steered to the surround speakers. Centerpoint 3’s improved dynamic steering logic ensures sounds are more accurately sent to desired locations, so you’ll enjoy an immersive experience from radio, MP3s, CDs, or virtually any other source.

Bose Panaray uses the new generation of Centerpoint 3 signal processing to create a surround-sound listening experience.

SurroundStage 2 Signal Processing

Mixing sound for a surround environment is complicated. Thankfully, Bose SurroundStage 2 works behind the scenes to make sure sounds from speakers closest to your ears don’t overpower those that are further away.

By sending the proper mix of sound to each speaker and using the wide sound provided from the arrays, SurroundStage 2 provides every seat in the CT6 interior with an immersive, enveloping listening experience.

Simply put, every seat is the best seat in the house. SurroundStage 2 signal processing technology compensates for off-centre vehicle seating to create a balanced, 360˚ sound field around each listener. No matter where you sit, you’ll feel as though you are in the middle of the music, discerning every element of a live performance.

With SurroundStage 2 Signal Processing, you’ll feel as though you are in the middle of the music no matter where you sit in the car.

Advanced Staging Technology

Almost everything you hear in your music is mixed to come from in front of you; that’s what we call the front soundstage. It’s one of the most important factors when reproducing your musical experience. Performers usually span the stage from left to right for a larger-than-life front soundstage.

Enter Advanced Staging Technology: a unique signal processing algorithm that dynamically directs instruments and vocals to their ideal locations via precisely positioned extra speakers in the front of the interior. The result is a wider, more spacious and accurate front soundstage. Whether you’re in the backseat or the driver’s seat, the music feels as though you are in the front row of a live performance.

Advanced Staging Technology directs multiple speakers within the CT6 to produce a wider and more precise soundstage for your music.

AudioPilot 2 Noise Compensation Technology

Road noise can crudely interfere with your listening experience. AudioPilot 2 noise compensation technology instantly responds to noise generated by rough surfaces, open windows, and other distractions. A microphone continuously monitors levels within the interior, automatically adjusting the music to compensate for outside noise and vehicle speed. So all you’ll notice is your music.

Digital Signal Processing

50 years of psychoacoustic research has gone into making a Cadillac feel like a concert hall. Built on Bose’s pioneering advances in digital signal processing (DSP), Bose Panaray’s new amplifier has nearly twice the processing power of its predecessors, setting a new standard in automotive audio. More processing power allowed us to apply scientifically validated acoustic principles to advanced algorithms and programming techniques to achieve results we never thought possible.

The new DSP in the Bose Panaray amplifier leverages increased power to greatly improve spectral accuracy and real time music processing for more powerful bass drums, impossibly real guitar sounds and an unforgettable experience no matter what you listen to.



Bose Panaray Headrest Design

The challenge: Provide a rich, immersive listening experience for the front seat passengers, without compromising rear seat performance. Bose developed UltraNearField speakers to fit directly into the front seat headrests. The sound image from the Bose TrueSpace technology transcends the limits of physical space, creating an expansive soundscape at ear level.

Custom-designed speaker enclosures reside deftly inside the headrests, and provide a more spacious sound experience.

Motorised Bose Panaray Centrefill Speaker Array

Front and centre is the most desired seat in the house—and that location holds one of the most important speakers in the Bose Panaray system. Using time-tested acoustic principles derived from concert hall sound systems, Bose engineers have delivered our first centre array in a vehicle. Our unique approach ensures full, spacious coverage of this critical location from within the instrument panel. The motorised array emerges to an optimal position and retracts at your command, enhancing the refined listening experience of the CT6.

Perhaps the most visible feature of the Bose Panaray system, the motorised centrefill panel in the dashboard, ensures essential centre-stage sound is distributed evenly and accurately.